STX Sync Tour Putter Garners Rankmark Honors

STX Golf Sync Tour PutterBALTIMORE, Md. (December 5, 2003) - The STX Sync Tour putter has enjoyed the acclaims of the professional golfing world since being smoothly stroked to victory at seven PGA events, including the 2002 PGA Championship.

Now the Sync Tour, a best seller in the putter line from STX Putters, is relishing the accolades of the golfing public after being named "Best of the Best" by Rankmark, the nationally-respected golf club testing service.

In addition to being a putter of choice for top PGA Tour Professionals, the Sync Tour garnered the Rankmark honors by being voted first among putters for 10-20 handicappers.

The STX Sync Tour features a unique center-weighted bullet design that puts the weight directly behind the sweet spot. The putter is face balanced and features a center-shafted double bend "S" shaped shaft.

"Receiving the Rankmark honor further validates the Sync Tour as one of the best putters in golf," says Jeff Matheson, Global Sales Manager for STX Putters. "The testing results prove that if golfers want to lower their scores, they should put the Sync Tour in their bag and feel the difference a STX Putter makes."

STX GolfMore than 60 different models of putters were used in Rankmark's testing. Over 300 golfers of various skill levels participated in the testing. Each putter was used from 3, 6 and 10 feet, with three putts hit from each distance. The amount of putts that were made were counted and the testers then ranked each putter in order of their preference. The top vote getters plus ties (within 5%) received Rankmark's "Best of the Best" award for excellence.

Putting...It's an art form practiced on a canvas of green. Mastering it means understanding the interplay of form and function, the balance of art and science. Acknowledged as the golf industry's world leader in Insert Face Technology, STX Putters has forever changed the face of golf. Feel the Difference.

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